Sinologist by training, curious by nature.

I am an interpreter: I experience, analyze and then translate.


Ph. Luca Peruzzi

I am a sinologist constantly looking for new languages, art is perhaps the most interesting.

At 19 y.o., with no idea of what I would have been going through, I moved to Venice to start a new life studying the Chinese language and culture. It was my first leap of faith, to move to a new city, Venice, to study a language and culture so far from mine.
It has been wonderful.
Then, years of somersaulting to unexplored worlds started, driven by the adrenaline rush of new experiences. I lived in China and Spain, learning to collide and meet the other, the different, the unexplored.
Living abroad taught me not only three languages, but also to learn from my surroundings and then to translate them into my native language and into the customs I grew up with, to share them. I first specialized in contemporary Chinese art, and from there I started my curatorial journey, with a focus on inclusivity in art.

That's me

I am soft and welcoming, I am round.

I like to think of myself as a place of meeting, joining, and mixing people, moments, and experiences that are layered with the passage of time.
I pay attention to research and like details. I prefer the uniqueness of imperfection to the stereotyping of mass production. I do go outside the box and break the rules, but sometimes I need to feel contained instead, in a defined space of action. I’m into risky juxtapositions and at the same time I have deep respect for the nature of things. Occasionally, then, I can come across as thorny: my spikes are nothing more than my instinct to protect what I deeply love.

In short: I am a little round, a little square, made of conjunctions and a few spikes.

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