Polyhedral gaze and inclusive spirit

I work with artists, galleries, foundations and fairs, studying, designing and realizing art projects.​

What I do


I curate exhibitions and art events in detail to enhance the artist, the work or the concept of departure.


For more than 10 years I have been enjoying art in Venice, before managing it. Do you want to organize an exhibition or an event? I will help you in all the steps, from the search for the ideal location, the press office that best communicates your idea to the organization of transport, and beyond.


To bring out all the facets, the versatility of a person is not an easy thing. From January 2023 I publish interviews on Artslife, with which I investigate the complexity of contemporary international artists beyond the surface with questions not taken for granted.

How I do

presentazione michele

I like to get passionate, almost to the point of obsession with the artwork, artist or conceptuality behind the exhibition or project I am approaching. I like to open up a blank sheet of paper and fill it with all the emotions, impressions and feelings that that something arouses in me at first glance. I stop, digest everything that has fed my soul, and at that point I go deeper into research on the topic, along with everything that has stirred me up. I take an academic approach. I reread what I wrote in the first instance and rework it with everything in between. From there, I start to concretize the text or project, whether it is an exhibition or something else.

I work with people, indispensable contact for me. I love brainstorming, mind maps, and moodboards. I visualize the project and I share with my team what I am processing: thoughts, words, images.
I work as a team, listening to opinions, processing critiques, constantly changing perspectives.
I project in detail: from the theory to operational, from timelines to materials for implementation.
I work with a pragmatic attitude: after dreaming, I have to make the dream a reality.
I work with inclusive thinking: I believe in difference as a value and expressive potential.
I always work in Italian and English.

LENSart, inclusive art

I am the creator and founder of LENSart, an inclusive art project.
A pair of polyhedral lenses, a tool to look at reality from different points of view, so as to make it richer and sharper.
A set of projects that aim to give visibility to those people whose individual characteristics are often considered a reason for exclusion, bearers of a communicative power and artistic value too often hidden and waiting only to be recognized and promoted.

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