Vittoria Gerardi, Casanova Sorolla, Lies Maculan, Linda Berger, Nicoleta Auersperg, Assunta Waldburg, Paolo Corona.

@Hotel Mediterraneo, Jesolo | Opening May 17th, 3pm

A chorus of voices, singular and harmonic, that picture a Nature that is one and multiple at a time. The one and the multiple, the potential of polyhedric also lies in the choice of techniques and materials of the works on display: photography, silkscreen print, sculpture and painting, the different artists, through their hands and minds, tell the majesty of Nature that surrounds us and of which we are part: its strength and its delicacy, tenacity and vulnerability, impalpability and resilience, and his being so charming and indomitable.


The happiness of relationships (relationships that give happiness)

@ Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza | 30.11.2023, 6pm

Leonardo Zoccante – Child Neuropsychiatrist; Coordinator of the Centro Regionale Veneto Disturbi dello spettro autistico
Matilde Nuzzo and Francesca Malverti – by LENSart
Francesco Saverio Teruzzi – Artivator; ambassador coordinator Terzo Paradiso di Pistoletto
Fortunato D’Amico – Moderator

What generates happiness? Relationships. An idea that is reflected in the largest scientific study on the subject: the Grant Study of the Harvard Medical School, started in 1938, conducted for decades under the guidance of psychiatrists such as George Vaillant and, more recently, Robert Waldinger.
The study identifies meaningful relationships as pillars of personal happiness and as the foundation of a relational and inclusive organizational approach. Reading with a new lens the data of the Grant Study, it is observed that relationships play a fundamental role in the construction of social capital and in the activation of inclusive dynamics and can be implemented by active policies on the theme of gender equity. 
Gender equity, in particular, can profoundly affect the quality and dynamics of interpersonal relationships, contributing to or limiting individual and collective well-being.


Napoles Marty, Zachari Logan, Lizyanet Rodriguez, Serena Gamba, Yohy Suarez, Andy Llanes Bulto, Luis Israel Gonzales Sosa.

@Isolo17 Gallery | 6.10-5.11.2023

Consonants to the choice of Isolo17 Gallery to promote drawing as an expressive means, not by circumscribing it as a design tool but by enhancing its expressive potential, the artists on display reinterpret the tradition of depiction by experimenting with pastels, charcoal and pencils on paper, opening up to new and different imaginaries each relevant to personal artistic and cultural baggage.


@ ArtVerona | 13-15.10.2023

A program of events with a strong artistic, scientific and social value dedicated to art and neuroirregularity, aimed at the enhancement of artistic expression in all its manifestations, declinations and differences, within the event artverona 2023.

Il program consists in:

  • The talk “Connective art: the faculty of differences” between Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto and Dott. Leonardo Zoccante; the dialogue between the two will guide the public in a confrontation that, starting from the concept of the Third Paradise and the latest publication of the Master “The formula of creation”, comes to a new interpretative model of the neurodivergent artistic faculties, exploring the relationship between Art and Sciences of Mind.

  • An international collective exhibition of inclusive art “Arte Connettiva”, curated by Matilde Nuzzo and Francesca Malverti, which showcases the works of Richard Boulet, Dianelis Massip Lopez, Mario Pellegrini.

  • A performative installation with the Italian artist Patrizio Vanessi, who for many years has realized experiences of connection between the artist himself, other artists and the public. For the occasion, Vanessi will create together with artists of Connectivism (Lisa Perini, Efren Perlotto, Thomas Tessari, Lorenza Cielo) a large canvas, which will be cut at different times of the three days of the event and shared with the public of artverona, as an emblem of integration, inclusion and sharing.


Performance of socially engaged art organized by Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus and Connettivismo in the framework of the project Quirinale Contemporaneo of the Presidency of the Republic, has seen the scientific direction of Leonardo Zoccante and the artistic direction of Matilde Nuzzo and Francesca Malverti with the collaboration of the coordinator of the ambassadors Rebirth/ Third Paradise Francesco Saverio Teruzzi.

Connection, interaction, dialogue, generation, collectivity, responsibility, society, science, art: there are many key words that could be associated with the socially engaged art initiative that was inspired by the Third Paradise held on 19 September at the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano with the participation of neurotypical people, neuroatypical, children and adults.
The realization of the symbol of the Third Paradise formed by neurotypical and neuroatypical people wanted to emphasize the value that otherness and differences have in a community.

The in-VISIBLE (abstractions) beyond

Esther Stocker, Peter Jellitsch, Clemens Wolf

@ Schloss Moosburg, Kärnten, Austria | 15.7.-31.8.2023

We are used to observing, judging and understanding the arts, contemporary or not, by the confines of precise systems and terminology found everywhere in books of history and art critique: formal, conceptual, historic, and contextual notions that frame the artwork we are facing -and that we fear not to fully understand- within specific semantic borders. 

Time and again, we tend to think of these outcomes as dialectic, coexisting impossibly, as rigorous and circumscribed definitions: something abstract cannot be figurative, something dynamic cannot stay static, something enduring cannot be ephemeral, something rational cannot be irrational. 

These boundaries, these definitions, and circumscriptions blur in the exhibition The in-VISIBLE (abstractions beyond), where the artists Esther Stocker, Peter Jellitsch, and Clemens Wolf thin, until making disappear, the duality within which those terms are forced, pushing us beyond the illusory abstract forms we see at first sight, and over the dichotomy between figurative/abstract, dynamic/static, ephemeral/enduring. The common thread is not only the abstraction of their works, it is rather that this abstraction is only apparent and leads to something beyond that needs to be discovered and viewed.

DUALITIES Lisa&Lisa (4)
Post DUALITIES isolo 17 (4)


Inclusive art exhibition by LENSart

@ Isolo17 Gallery, Via Venti settembre 31/B, Verona | 02.07-31.08.2023

Coupling or contrast: this is the primary meaning of dualities, which sees two pairs of artists opening dialogues. Albert and Mr Heart, in the first room, Lisa Perini and Lisa Binato, in the second.

Albert and Mr Heart, from the TAPU collective, an artist with a fairy hand and a heavy heart, confronts an artist whose works flow directly from the depths of the heart, with an essential touch and multifaceted subjects. Both of them open the door to a dimension that is at times sacred and more often desecrating, raising questions that lead us to appeal to the dreamlike dimension, pursuing that common tendency of having to find an answer.

Lisa Binato and Lisa Perini, two women who tell their personal and singular point of view. Women who talk about women, men, friendship, love, self, others, life lived and life imagined. Women with a communicative power that can break all sorts of walls, women with an expressive need that overcomes all barriers. 

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROOM IN THE WORLD. Childhood glimpses of the adult everyday. 

Michele Sartori

@ Project374, Venice | 09-25.06.2023

A playful-formative art workshop between the artist, curator and third-grade students, during which the pupils observed and analyzed Michele Sartori’s works. The children’s critiques, comments and stories constitute the narrative and curatorial plot that will accompany the public in this unique exhibition experience.

The desire to involve 3rd graders comes from the very nature of the selected works: a few elements, seemingly simple but very evocative, capable of stimulating the creativity and imagination of young children.

Michele Sartori’s works are in fact pervaded with a ruthless innocence, and only the gaze of one who has remained a child, by chance or by age, perceives and exploits every smallest interstice to detach himself from the most immediately logical reality, freeing us for a moment from the weight of experience, making us stop doubting that we can fly and reminding us of the power of the possibility of being by coming out of the rigid patterns of ordinariness.


Simone Meneghello

@ &ArtGallery, Vicenza | 05-25.05.2023

The exhibition proposes a significant journey of the artist, with works that focus on the theme of reworking and deconstruction of the printed word, a material that recurs throughout his research. Many of the works related to the various phases of conceptual elaboration that the Meneghello pursues and in particular the works that show the “stories and non-linear novels”, the “poems” and his “deconstructed stories and monographs”. Scenographer and musician Simone Meneghello carries on an artistic research that leads him to compete incessantly with the intellectual and artistic novelties contemporary to him, while always remaining in a position apparently apart from the most current dynamics.With rigour and discretion, the artist conducts his research recognizing and researching his roots, placed in an idealized world full of bibliographical suggestions. Like an alchemist, Meneghello, using notes, sketches and photographs, tries to transform the primordial matter, the writing or the authorial source, into revelation. He knows how to seek, in the evolution of his entire journey, an answer to the great question of the Order on Chaos and of their only apparent dichotomy.


One exhibition, two venues: @ Palazzo dei Trecento, Hall, Treviso   | 01.04-23.04.2023
@ Civic Library of Verona  |  02.04 – 23.04.2023

A stimulus to observe art, and the world in general, with a formae mentis that is, indeed, different and in some respects atypical.  

In both cities, the exhibition is hosted in two places that are particularly symbolic for the collective growth of the community:
– the Hall of the Threehundred Palace of Treviso, a historic building dating back to the 12th century where the City Council still meets today;
– the Civic Library in Verona, the guardian venue of culture par excellence, two places of knowledge, meeting, comparison and growth in the life of the city.

Both exhibitions are intended to be a point of reference for a vindication of the fundamental rights of the individual, so that they are not judged and labelled on the basis of gender and conformity to social paradigms.


Stefano Mario Zatti

@ Atipografia, Arzignano (VI)
21.01 - 26.02.2023


Luis Casanova Sorolla

@ Donauhof, Vienna
14.12 - 18.12.2022


The Shadow Line - Text for the woman nudes pieces of the artist.

ENCHANTED MIRRORS - Text written togheter with R.phillips for the exhibition “Le stanze delle meraviglie. I vetri dipinti di Dady Orsi”, Wolfsoniana – Genova Nervi, november 2022 – march 2023.

WOPART - board creativo

@ Lugano (CH)
Edizioni 2022 / 2023

FLUID (2021) and THE OTHERS (2022) fair concepts
– GAZE OFF “outside/inside the fair” concept
– coordination with gallerists, exhibitors, fair staff, press, sponsors
– curating exhibition space AM I HUMAN dedicated to digital art


Ilaria Facci

&Art Gallery, Vicenza aprile 2022

LA RAGIONE C'ENTRA POCO, formative, not performative art

Group exhibition of inclusive art with the expressive Atelier I Pitturatori of the Anffas Ticino and Richard Boulet. Co-curated by F. Malverti.

@Spazio Thetis, North Arsenal of Venice in September 2021
@ Frinzi University Library in Verona in April 2022, on the occasion of Euritmie, a scientific-cultural review on the theme of autism spectra
@ Castello Visconti in Somma Lombardo in October 2022.

Project management & curatorship


Auro & Celso Ceccobelli

&Art Gallery, Vicenza aprile 2021


Science and digital art

Curatorship for:


Ivana Galli

@ Spazio Thetis, Arsenale Nord Venezia

Why not choose love? A Mary Pickford Manifesto

Jennifer Delia

@ Palazzo Zenobio | 14.10.2019

Simultaneous translation for director and producer Jennifer Delia for the presentation of the film “Why not choose love? A Mary Pickford Manifesto”

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